IKEA Hack – A Duo of Rast (Part 1)

I’m taking a bit of break from writing about the pantry, because I want to do more than just that here.

These two projects were a long time coming. Way back when we made our pre-move in Ikea run when we got our Henriksdal stools for the kitchen and a bunch of other things we picked up 2 Rast 3 Drawer dressers. These cheap blank slate bad boys.

The plan was for me to install these in my closet with shelving above and make a built-in like closet. Well during the move-in process we temporarily put a dresser in my closet and I realized I kind of liked it a lot. Then I added some shelves above it and BAM! my closet was done and I had two Rast dressers in boxes for no reason. So they languished in the basement waiting for inspiration. Then I saw this bad boy somewhere and I had ideas. Big ideas.

I figured I could make a little mini-version for a fraction of the cost. Yes it wouldn’t have the cool antique finish, zinc top, etc. but it also wouldn’t cost me nearly a grand. So I started the process by filling in the pre-drilled holes for the knobs on one of the Rasts and cutting out the hand holds. Right about that time I decided that 1 of these knock-off hacks was enough and I would not be marking, cutting and sanding 6 hand pulls.

Here is the dresser before I added the numerals. Honestly we used this in the boys room for a few months before I got around to adding the numbers. One of the benefits of this blog is that it helps me check things off my lists. The dresser was stained with Minwax Provinicial (the same stain as on our white oak floors) and the top is a piece of MDF painted with Martha Stewart metallic paint. I also added a piece of molding under the top to hide the gap.

IKEA Rast hack before stencil

I user my crazy pinterest found knowledge to add the stencils, which worked okay. Not amazing, I would probably opt for something else next time. I printed out the numbers without really giving too much thought to the font. I used the paper to line up the numbers though. I made sure to put each number at the start of the new line, and that way the margin from the edge of the paper to the number would help me line them up. It worked out pretty well I think.

This is a picture of me “operating” on the dresser on the kitchen peninsula. Of the many things I love about our house, is the kitchen and this giant peninsula. It is such a useful place for anything & everything, like painting numbers on furniture, as you do.

Letting paint dry

I started off using a sharpie but I didn’t like the shiny finish it left and the color looked uneven. I switched over to some paint Shannon had on hand and I’m much happier with the dull matte finish on the numbers. I may sand them a bit, but I’m not a huge fan of the “DISTRESS ALL THE FURNITURE!” method.

I did not create bigger gaps between the drawers and I’m really glad. As it is, it kind of bugs me to see clothes through the hand pulls (which are admittedly too deep) so having the top open an inch or more would drive me nuts. Things that are good to know without having dropped $1K on a piece of furniture. In the end it works great as a dresser for our 3 year old and I might happily snipe it for a night stand once  we do a switch around of dressers for the boys.

I will have the post on the other IKEA Rast hack up tomorrow.

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