2016 Plans

Alright, I have so many projects done that I still want to write up and so many more planned to talk about. It’s time to start this old thing up and see what happens for the coming year.

First I want to set some goals to clear off projects that never got written up.

2015 Projects To Share

  • Basement Phase I – Considering Phase II won’t make much sense without it.
  • Glass Cabinet – Again since the Phase II is coming, probably should break out the original.
  • Temp Table – Yea… that’s a sql joke. Awesome. Also our to be desk that is now serving as a temporary dining room table
  • Nookery – The Nook that whoops turned into a nursery.
  • Boys Room – Fun wall and quick dresser revamp.

2016 plan sketches

2016 Projects to Complete

  • Basement Mudroom
  • Basement Family Room
  • Basement Workshop
  • Shed #2 – Wood / Bike / Garbage shed
  • Playhouse (?)
  • Girls Room Revamp
  • Living Room Cabinets
  • Dining Room Table

I would keep going but … let’s try to make this reasonable.


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