IKEA Hack – A Duo of Rast (Part 2)

So now that I had abandoned my plan of using the two Rasts in my closet, and I had no interest in making a clone of the first one, I needed ideas. I don’t know of a better idea generator than pinterest right now. The other dresser was more of a spur of the moment thing. I think I saw the pin during the week, bought the supplies on my lunch break and did the project that weekend.

As for the specific idea, I had seen a few hacks that I liked, but that weren’t really a good fit for our house. For instance, I love this version from Aubrey and Lindsay’s Small House Blog. I’m still a big fan of this.

I also like this rather intense version. It almost looks like campaign style furniture (except with the Asian influenced pulls / coloration). I could have easily seen myself just painting it and adding some bracket corners and calling it done. This one I found via Apartment Therapy from Design Manifest.

But I finally happened on one that felt just right. Anna over at Take the Side Street had her Rast hack also featured on Apartment Therapy and I knew that was the hack for me. I inhaled her excellent step by step instructions and I gathered up everything I needed.

I had plenty of knobs lying around the house left over from various other projects but I happened to see some Martha Stewart brass bin pulls on sale at Home Depot when I was grabbing other materials. I think Shannon was repainting some end tables for the living room and I figured I would grab a few since they were cheap, a little bit more funky that what we normally would choose and again cheap.

So armed with instructions from Anna, and a color palette that I would never have expected just a few months ago, off I went. I deviated only slightly from the instructions and since I had already filled in the holes for the knobs in anticipation of making another Anthropologie knock off, the bin pulls worked great. I painted the cabinet in my new favorite gray from Benjamin Moore, Gray 2121 (yea, I’m calling it that in order to convince myself it’s not boring).

We had planned for this to be our new living room end table / router cabinet / telephone stand, but in the end it just looked out of place in the living room. Shannon was thoroughly done with her freebie nightstand and happily took this as a replacement. I really like the dark gray with brass pulls, and the way it goes with both the rug and wall color.  … And I just noticed the pattern on the inside of our quilt is the same as the pattern in our rug. Hunh. Odd.

Now if I can just move around the boys room and swap some dressers I might be able to grab the other hacked Rast to replace my sad but massive, freebie hand me down nightstand.


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