DIY Chrismukkah :: Boys Gifts

For Christmas last year I made a bunch of gifts that I was going to blog about but didn’t because I wanted them all to be surprises. Considering it’s now time again to think about possible DIY gifts for the holidays I figured it was a good time to chat about what I’ve done before and consider some options for this year.

The boys gifts were really straight forward. Considering they have countless toys that need homes I built them some toy trugs from Ana White / That’s My Letter. Here was there inspiration pic that I used:

Specifically I really liked the one on the left and ended up copying the colors nearly exactly for one of the boys. I used some 1/2″ plywood and 1/2″ craft wood and made two of the exact same size with just different stripes. As usual these photos are not great. I really need to think about starting to use a real camera and doing some photo editing.

DIY tool box toy trug boys

The boxes were stained with Ipswich Pine and the bottoms with probably Provincial, both by Minwax. I really liked the way the Ipswich Pine looks on the birch. I tried it on some actual pine and the results were much less impressive, it didn’t actually make much of a difference at all.

DIY boys tool trugs tool boxes

The boys project was a bit of a tack-on one because I was building something for the girls and I didn’t want to have them feel left out. Of course I should have realized that the words “I wanted something hand made not just legos” would probably never come out of my boys mouths. I really would have been fine with legos. But overall the project was mostly successful, only a few chip outs on the plywood and some wonky semi-circles for the end pieces, but I’m happy with them and so are the boys.


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