DIY Chrismukkah :: Wife’s Gift

For Christmas last year I made a bunch of gifts that I was going to blog about but didn’t because I wanted them all to be surprises. Considering it’s now time again to think about possible DIY gifts for the holidays I figured it was a good time to chat about what I’ve done before and consider some options for this year.

I’m a guy. I love pinterest. I’m completely fine with being in the minority. Particularly because having my wife on Pinterest means that sometimes when I pin things, she likes them, and it removes all doubts about whether or not surprising her with something will be well received. It’s like gift cheating. Especially because my wife has design amnesia where we can discuss something / talk about pins that we both like and she will still be completely surprised (or at least act surprised) if I later do said thing. It’s kind of great.

And sidebar: the secret boards where you can collaborate with people about gift ideas for other people? So nice. End sidebar.

So I pinned something this here mail / key / chalkboard organizer thing and Shannon commented that she was all over it.

Shanty2Chich Chalkboard Mail organizer

This project might have been the easiest of the three DIY gifts to build.

DIY Chalkboard mail organizer


I did have some issues with the measurements and the templates note quite turning out right, but I improvised and got it where I wanted it to be. I omitted the braces, changed the hardware color and made mine a bit wider framed. Oh and it took me like three months to actually get it hung up on the wall (oops) so I think some of the good will was lost.

FInally hung DIY mail chalkboard


Though my wife hates chalk (the texture, dust, sound, etc.) she does love chalkboards, “chalk” markers and doing crazy beautiful paintings on them like this:

Flowers painted on antique chalkboard

Again the blurry iphone photos are really starting to bug me. I keep threatening to upgrade to real cameras … might have to make good on that soon.



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