Hey, we’re Ben and Shannon and we are working to make our house the best little homestead it can be. We’re both artists at heart who dabble in all sorts of designing, crafting, building, blundering, DIYing projects. Across our wide variety of interests though one things remains steady, our love of lists. Nothing helps us get our head on straight like making a list. And few things bring the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment of marking things done on those lists. And if we don’t get anything done on the list, we’re not above adding what we did do to the original list, just so we can cross it off.

Right now I (Ben) am trying out this blogging thing to see if it’s for us. Eventually I would love to talk more here about the design and building process of creating our house as well as all of the projects we’ve tackled already in DIYing part of the build. I’m trying to put up posts twice a week on Monday and Thursday.

Right now most of the photos on the site are coming off my iPhone directly, but I hope to change that pretty soon. I’m thinking I might want to take a class with ShootFlyShoot or at the very least do the little cropping and adjusting that I know how to do in Photoshop.


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