Chicken Cottage :: Shed Updates

So it’s been nearly a year. Not planned but at least now I have a good solid backlog of projects to write about. First and foremost I wanted to knock off some of the list hanging out on the front page reminding me .

  • Cut to size and paint MiraTec fascia and corner boards

Coop with trim

  • Attach soffit material. (I have the screening up, and the 1/4″ ply primed and painted) 

(the photo is an ugly in progress shot, these are now finished)

Soffit with plywood

  • Build coop wall with nesting boxes, food/water access and door

Nesting boxes

Painted inside nesting boxes

Yea at some point I decided that I needed to stain the boxes Provincial stain that I had laying around. And then while I was painting the floor in the coop I decided it might look pretty darn good with gray exterior on the coop side.

Food bins, food and water doors, access door

I would still like to paint this wall so that it looks a little less like patchwork. It would all be the light gray color of the lower food / water doors.

  • Paint the interior of the shed, walls and ceiling..?

BM Classic Gray, the best choice for chicken coops everywhere.

Boys adding woodchips to coop

  • Paint the shed floor

Painted coop floor and branch ladder

I apparently didn’t take many shots of the painted floor, but while we’re at it, why not through in a branch ladder to help the ladies up to their roosts and nesting boxes.

  • Install hardware for dutch door

Yea because a little vintage glass door knob and antique brass backplate help dress this up.

Vintage glass knob shed dutch door

Dutch door vintage glass knob

Interior of dutch door

  • Build chicken run area … hoop house? .. thing..y

Oh yea. This was possibly my favorite thing to check off the list. Mostly because I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do and was nervous to commit to a design without being able to really visualize it and *know* I was going to love it. But man, this exceeded my expectations.

Run Door

Backside of chicken run

Side view of chicken run

  • Add interior lights

I will probably get around to posting up a whole post on these, but here’s a before

Shed Lights Before

And here they are installed

DIY Copper Pendant Lights

I’m pretty psyched with my ~$15 DIY industrial copper pendant lights. They are certainly not perfect and I learned some good lessons for how I would tackle this project differently next time, but they are good enough for a shed and with a little tweaking would be nice enough for the house.

  • Get new porch lights, and place the pathetically too small current ones on the more appropriately sized shed

The three options starting with:

Too Dingy Looking.

Porch Light Allen Roth Option Lowes

Too Small.

Small Allen Roth Porch Light Lowes Option 2

Just Right. (These are installed I just need to get the porch clean enough to take a decent shot of them)

Allen Roth Lowes Porch Light Option 3

  • Add more gravel, figure out what to do about grass round the foundation

Things that are still outstanding:

  • Put down permanent shiplap loft boards
  • Run electricity out to the shed
  • Build awesome rolling ladder for lofts
  • Add exterior lights with fancy remote 3-way switch (I hope)
  • Build ramp for double doors
  • Build steps for coop door
  • Figure out how to get gorgeous stone steps for dutch door for cheap

I’m really hoping to knock the two bold issues out this year before winter .. like this weekend … hopefully? And then maybe I’ll post a little chicken cottage overview but for now, I’ll end this with: Happy Chickens

Happy Buff Orpingtons

Happy feather foot

To read more about the whacky adventures in shed building click here to see all posts, or start at the beginning.


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