Shed :: Spring To-Dos and Current Coop Updates (Part 8)

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It’s November. This is Upstate NY. It is now time to move inside. But sadly I am not where I hoped to be with this shed. It is not yet the glorious chicken coop / potting shed of my dreams but hopefully come this spring I can make that happen with the following steps:

  • Cut to size and paint MiraTec fascia and corner boards
  • Attach soffit material. (I have the screening up, and the 1/4″ ply primed and painted)
  • Build third loft between the other two
  • Put down permanent shiplap loft boards
  • Build coop wall with nesting boxes, food/water access and door
  • Paint the interior of the shed, walls and ceiling..?
  • Paint the shed floor
  • Build ramp for double doors
  • Build steps for coop door
  • Figure out how to get gorgeous stone steps for dutch door for cheap
  • Install hardware for dutch door
  • Build awesome rolling ladder for lofts
  • Build chicken run area … hoop house? .. thing..y
  • Run electricity out to the shed
  • Add interior lights
  • Add exterior lights with fancy remote 3-way switch (I hope)
  • Get new porch lights, and place the pathetically too small current ones on the more appropriately sized shed
  • Add more gravel, figure out what to do about grass round the foundation

Sadly this lack of progress means my 8 layers spend another winter in my woefully too small first coop. In order to make that a little less dreadful, I upgraded it a bit. I first replaced the miserable and terribly ineffective (but somehow never breached) plastic netting top with some galvanized window wells to provide some cover.

Coop with plastic netting over run

The sides were also poultry wire, which it turns out is only good for keeping poultry in one spot so that animals that like to eat them (ie every animal around here) can rip it open and gorge themselves at will. I replaced that with hardware cloth (which it should have been to begin with).

Chicken run with culvert top and hardware cloth sides

Finally I added a temporary extension on to the existing run. I built two 10′ by 3’6″ walls with 1″ hardware cloth, which will hopefully get re-used in the permanent run, and then scrapped them together with whatever I had laying around.

Chicken run extension

It’s not actually painted white… there was no time for such niceties this time around.

Run extension

I’m also replacing the food and water with two new designs that I’m pretty excited about. Thanks to Jimmywalt on Backyard Chickens. These will let me get the food and water out of the coop which will help with space, and keeping it dry in there.

So that’s it for outdoors… let’s head on inside. The woodstove is cranked up, there’s 100% less chicken poop around (okay, fine more like 98%, the kids aren’t the best at avoiding it) and there are plenty of projects awaiting.


3 thoughts on “Shed :: Spring To-Dos and Current Coop Updates (Part 8)

  1. Mr. Fruchter,
    I must say that I’m quite impressed with the frequency and quality of your posts, as well as inspired by your diligent DIY chutzpah. As the old saying goes – “This R(H)ome wasn’t built in a day…but some of it was.”

    1. The pitch is 10:12. The large part of the shed is 10′ w x 14′ l x ~13.5’h (from the gravel base, so that includes the floor joists and 4×6 runners). The small section of the shed is 6′ w x 8′ l x ~10.5′ h (again from gravel)

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