Shed :: Wrap up for Winter (Part 7)

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So my posts have finally caught up to where I am with the shed in actual time. Past Ben and Present Ben are re-united, here’s to hoping Future Ben can remember what the heck they did. (This blog is not nearly nerdy enough for the “comment your code” joke that goes here, so just trust me, it kills in geek circles.)

At this point the shed is buttoned up for winter. I installed the doors and windows with much help from this awesome screen door set from Lowes. For $7ish bucks you get two hinges, a handle and an eye hook set (and a spring, which I didn’t use any of). Which means that all of my windows got lovely black hardware and had the eye hooks to keep them latched securely from the inside. And I have no idea why the set sells at my store for $6.67 but two black screen door hinges alone are $8.49…?

The window over the double doors ended up needing a barrel bolt, but still, love those screen door sets.

Black window shed interior

I used these for 5 of the operating windows… the two larger casement-types took 3 brass door hinges I had left over (probably from replacing Shannon’s closet hinges with Satin Nickel)

Black windows and dutch door in shed

For the doors, I actually had this dutch door that was supposed to be the front door to our house.  It’s a gorgeous (completely un-insulated) 7′ dutch door that makes me very happy. The exterior of the door was in really rough shape so I didn’t feel all that bad painting it black to match the windows and other doors. I don’t think I can bring myself to paint the interior side though.

Black dutch door shed

For the double doors, I used a set of sliding doors that my parents had replaced. I decided to hinge them, but since they were 80lbs each I wanted to be extra sure so I went with 4 hinges on each door. I had wanted uber stylish strap hinges at the top and bottom… but couldn’t find anything reasonably priced that was flush mounted.

White shed with black doors and windows

I originally made the mistake of painting the first non-black black directly over the vinyl. I didn’t prime, and kind of didn’t realize it was vinyl. Sadly that color wasn’t black and it was chipping anyway. So I sanded it off (with a little more child labor), primed and got them set up proper.

Scrapping latex paint off of vinyl doors

For the back door on the coop I ended up building a smaller door, with a window in it. The window will be open in the warm weather for more ventilation. I added a clip to keep it closed, but may end up doing something else to get a tighter seal.

Chicken coop black door with window in it

I used a piece of 1/2″ plywood to get a nice even level gap on the bottom while I screwed in the face hinges. And as you can see below, I added some 1″ hardware cloth behind the window so that I can keep the ladies safe while the window is open in the summer.

Chicken coop door with hardware cloth window

The paint color is of course the lovely Bedford Gray that is splattered in the back of my trunk. I like it much better on the door here than in my car.

For the double doors and the coop door I bought some great shed twist style handles from Home Depot for $15 a pop. They were cheap, work great and best of all, come in black.

My very last step before calling it quits for the winter (besides building the lofts which I think I forgot to mention) was to put the stops behind the doors, clean out all the construction debris and store the material for the fascia, soffits and corner trim. I think my next post, the last on the shed for now, will be my what’s left / to-do list for next spring. I’m still kind of shocked by how much is left in this project.


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