Shed :: Siding and Paint-splosion. (Part 5)

To read more about the whacky adventures in shed building click here to see all posts, or start at the beginning.

Before I get to the paint-astrophe (paint-maggedon?), let’s start off by getting these bones covered up, shall we?

Shed with back sided

I had originally planned to use a local lumber mill to get the siding but failed to realize how much lead time they would need. Instead I was left scrambling the day before I planned to start trying to track down some shiplap siding.

Thankfully Home Depot stocks 1×8 shiplap, which is one side roughcut and one side v-groove. I ordered online and BAM, it was picked and waiting for me an hour or so later. While not as convenient as getting it delivered, I really love the whole ordering it online and not spending time picking through boards at the store.

Vertical ship lap siding on shed from Home Depot

I had originally thought that putting 1×3 or 1×4 strapping horizontally would be the way to go for siding. Something about air-flow, or … honestly, I have no idea how I talked myself into this idea. But somehow I managed to put strapping all up before I thought to look at wood siding nails. The shortest nails I could find were 2″, which would have meant 1/4″ spikes of scratchy pain sticking into my shed everywhere (through the 3/4″ siding and 3/4″ strapping). And so, I took it all off. It’s always miserable to have to undo or redo steps during a project, but thankfully it went fairly quickly. And soon I had this:

Shed and chicken coop sided in shiplap rough cut

Coop window frame detail

Front of shed sided

And then I thought it would be a good idea to start getting paint samples for the interior and figuring out the interior door colors. I was settled on the outside colors, but wanted to test out some light grays for the inside.

Getting far ahead of myself again I decided to grab the paint for the interior of the doors. Staying with my usual theme, and not having Shannon’s input to push me into something more colorful, I picked a gray. I did at least consult a trusted female advisor though. Martha helped me choose Bedford Gray which was a darker putty gray that has lots of brown (I think?) so as to hopefully go well with the BM Titanium that will eventually cover the walls.

I should note this paint was meant for the inside of the shed, not the inside of my car. So here’s my #neveragain, make sure the lid is on your paint securely when you leave the store.

Boom paint leak in car trunk

Apparently the paint guy (who I overheard talking about how he’s normally in flooring.. heh) didn’t put the lid on tight. Thankfully it was in my trunk, and I have a trunk liner, and Home Depot customer service was great. The store manager? Not so helpful, but the corporate customer service people and their insurance agency were efficient, helpful and got me all fixed up. It was still a rough start to my painting adventures though. On the bright side, I do like the color … just not for the back of my car.

I’m also psyched to write-up why those big ol’ galvanized half-pipes are currently creating a cozy paint-filled nest for my tools.


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