A Year Old Kitchen

We moved into our new house in October of 2012. Last weekend I finished the kitchen, well at least the first version of it anyway. The hold up to it really being finished was the window sill. Now that, it’s in and trimmed out, I feel good in declaring victory on the kitchen. So we may as well start the tour with a shot of what that looks like now

Finished kitchen soapstone counter tops, soapstone windowsill

Obviously these pictures were taken at night so they aren’t the greatest, but with 4 kids let’s be honest our kitchen in the day is never this clean. As it is, we still have lots on the countertop, particularly things the kids should not be getting into like eggs from the chicks, our goldfish Annie, etc.

Finished kitchen with soapstone, DIY butcherblock peninsula


There are so many things about the kitchen that we love it would be tough to pick parts that are favorites. The peninsula with the antique cabinet over it though is particularly great to us. The cabinet came from my parents house. They had found it in one of the barns when they bought their house 30 some odd years ago, and it lived in their kitchen since then. We hadn’t planned on it when we planned the kitchen but my parents happened to be redoing their kitchen as we were finishing the house and we are so glad it worked out just so.

Antique cabinet over butcher block peninsula

The space under the microwave originally was our coffee and espresso station but the steam was doing a number on the cabinets and it was annoying to access the machines.

Green pantry and fridge cabinets

And now I’m realizing that I probably spoke too soon on the finished part as we come to the backsplash part. We knew we didn’t want a big backsplash or anything permanent but we’ve always talked about doing something on plywood that we could change or swap out easily for behind the stove. So far though the wall and paint have held up very nicely though.

Symmetrical cabinets on either side of the stove


Our kitchen plan could not have come together without the good folks over on gardenweb’s kitchen forum. There are many posts, both long before we started and some mildly panicked ones during the build that so many people helpfully chimed in on. Not to mention the countless questions that were answered without me even having to post. I also gleaned many of the ideas for the peninsula, the beams, the windowsill, the stove layout from other’s designs and finished photos.


5 thoughts on “A Year Old Kitchen

  1. I followed you over from a comment you left on The Ugly Duckling House – can I just say I LOVE your kitchen! I’d be so comfortable there. My vintage Fiestaware would look so lovely in your antique cabinet from your parents house! And, I want butcher block countertops and a farmhouse sink so bad. New blog follower!

  2. Hi! I just came across your posts on Garden Web when I was looking for more info on finishing butcher block. We are also purchasing from perfect plank and using soapstone! I’m just confused about how to finish the block – if we go with Alder, we’ll stain it then seal with Waterlox but it seams like on perfect plank’s website, they tell you to “oil” the block on both sides, as soon as it arrives, to prevent warping. Do you have any insight with this? I’m wondering why you chose to use poly on one side and oil on the other? Why not oil on both sides? Any info you have would be great! I’m probably overthinking it all, I just need to get the block ordered soon and want to have a game plan when it gets here. Thanks!
    Your kitchen turned out beautifully :)

    1. Katie, sorry for the delay. We poly’ed the underside because we wanted a more permanent finish there. With the oil you have to re-apply, but the poly should last a good long while on an unused surface. Good luck with your purchase, we are still very happy with ours and highly recommend both the butcherblock from perfect plank and the soapstone.

      1. Hello! I also have some questions about the Perfect Plank butcher block (… posted a reply on Garden Web as well, sorry for stalking!). Just ordered the maple butcher block from PP and I am now (slightly) obsessing about whether I will dislike the surface finger jointing. Does your BB have this? If so, do you mind posting some overhead pictures of your finished BB and/or some pics that are closer-up. I am planning to stain it dark walnut and use Waterlox. We are avid DIY’ers, but have not used BB before, and I am having difficulty picturing how it will look with the finger jointing and whether it will be too busy. Any tips, advice, etc. would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)

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