Now that our second son is in a twin sized bed it was time to do something for the boys room beyond the spray painted toddler bed and bare twin frame. We thought about bunk beds and then thought better of it. We decided tempting fate by giving our boys an elevated platform was a bad idea. Instead we went for matching twin beds with built up headboards. Shannon is still working on the matching quilts, she had a test fit of one today and it looks great. I couldn’t wait for the quilts so excuse the bare sheets.

DIY Twin headboards with lamp barn light

Our older son already has a quilt that Shannon made for him, but since it’s us instead of making one to match she decided to make two new ones that matched.

For the beds I used this bed as the inspiration. I think I ended up finding out that this bed sells for something like $1500 which is just outside the price  that I was hoping to pay… by a lot.

DIY Headboard inspiration

So I took these plans from Ana White and modified them to add height and then incorporated the switch and the light. I originally planned to mix 1x4s and 1x6s only, but ended up randomly finding 1x5s at Lowes when I was grabbing all my lumber. That of course meant that I had to change my plan on the fly at the store and I ended up shorting myself by a bit. Thankfully I had some pre-primed 1×6 and 1×4 at the house that I could sub in, but when you see the back of beds below, that’s why they are all mismatched.

DIY headboard twin bed with barn light on

For the wiring I ended up using some left over wire from a pendant and a lamp cord kit from Lowes. I had trouble finding shallow enough staples for the wire, so I ended up stapling to the side of the back leg, which was awkward.

Wired back of headboard DIY twin with barn light

One of the great things about building the beds myself was that I could make modifications like notching out the side of legs for the baseboard. I left the back of the legs 6″ short, and made a rather crude cutout on the side piece to conform to the molding. You can kind of see the notching in the photo above, and then you can see it here conform over the baseboard.

DIY headboard barn light baseboard cutout

The headboards are painted Benjamin Moore Puritan Gray, which is a little lighter than the original inspiration, but we like it and it feels right for two little boys. They of course were so excited to hop take a flying leap on to their beds and play with the light switches and test them out.

We know that we want to swap out the bunkie boards (meant for bunk beds) for box springs eventually so that they aren’t so low, but for now it’s actually better. I’m excited to have this project finish, even if it stresses Shannon out that their quilts aren’t done yet. Prison cots I believe she called them (because they are so low and one only has blankets folded up at the bottom). My only regrets with the project are that I gooped up the Poly job. There are big smears and streaks because I didn’t take my time with a decent brush and good lighting. I need to be more mindful of those things. But overall I’m very happy with this project, and so are the boys.

DIY Twin headboards with lamp barn light repeat


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