Kids Headboard Plans

We were sure we were going to build the boys bunk beds. They loved the idea and it just seemed so perfect. We talked about various plans and features. I loved the idea of built-in bunk beds. I pinned too many to count but this is where I was coming from:

Boys built-in bunk bed pin

Shannon was always adamant that she wanted bunks that could split apart into matching twin beds for when they were older. She was more of the mind of eventually having bunks that split into something like these.

Matching twin boys beds

And then we started to deviate a bit. What about crazy loft beds? Or hanging beds?

Crazy hanging loft beds

And then we looked at our boys and thought of their ability to split their lips, crack their skulls, smack their faces, bruises themselves in confusing places and generally nearly break themselves, all without the benefit of an elevated launch pad. The boys are 3 and 5 currently and explaining to them how insanely dangerous jumping from or on loft beds or even bunk beds would be little deterrent to their adventurous spirits. And so we started looking back at maybe just fast forwarding to Shannon’s idea for when they were older, two matching twin beds.

And when we did I dug up an old pin that we both had really liked. This headboard with integrated barn light.

Twin headboard with integrated barn reading light

And when that week I found these lights at Lowes on clearance for $12.50 each, it was on.

Lowes barn light

(image via Apartment Therapy because Lowes discontinued the light to replace with a more expensive one(?))

Having followed the link on the pinterest headboard to the source and found out that the bed costs about $1500 we didn’t exactly consider just buying the ready made product. Plus, I was all fired up to make a bed, or at least a headboard.  And one of the reasons I was so excited was that it meant I might finally use one of the plans from Ana White, whom I’ve read for quite some time but never really used anything from. So I took her plans for a Reclaimed Wood Headboard and modified them a bit to add some height and got to work.

Sketchup of DIY kids headboard


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