2013 :: The List

I don’t do resolutions, but lists? Oh yes, I do lists. The goal of this list is like any other that I’m posting here, a reminder to me of what we’ve planned out for the house and a motivator to actually accomplish those things in a reasonable time frame. I have been reading some blogs end of year wrap ups and have really enjoyed their end of year comparisons to beginning of the year plans. I know that much of what I’m putting down here might not happen. Priorities change, plans change, etc. but if this things is still going by year end I figure I’ll at least get a kick out of what I thought would happen versus reality. So without further adieu


  • Plank the nook walls, build a daybed
  • Build the boys’ headboards
  • Build a workbench for me
  • Build a workbench for the kids
  • Plank the entryway walls, add hooks and build a bench
  • Get a new dining room rug
  • Build the wall up in the basement to separate the spaces
  • Create some pantry cabinetry
  • (Re)Paint bathroom floor white using the right paint and poly this time
  • Build laundry station and laundry cabinet for the downstairs bathroom
  • Build a standing linen cabinet for the upstairs bathroom

Of all the projects I’m probably the most excited about the boys headboards. They are going to be a little bit of this:

Combined with a little bit of this:

Ana White reclaimed headboard


  • Make a walkway with something other than plywood (oh, it’s sad in mud season ’round here)
  • Build a shed
  • Replace the front lights with something that is brighter and a better size
  • Stain the porch (or more likely, have the porch stained, heh)
  • Trim the french doors outside the basement
  • Add lattice underneath the front porch
  • Build a playhouse for the kids, at least the platform, ladder, slide part.

That list is crazy pants. I am aware that 60% of that getting done would be an amazingly productive year, but those are all of the “I’d like to .. ” or “We should …” projects that Shannon and I have been talking about for way too long now. It will feel really good to knock of at least half of them, and who knows maybe I’ll be able to keep up my current streak of actually accomplishing things and get through this. Heh. Welcome 2013, let’s get it on.


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