Pantry Door Progress

Merry Christmas Eve! I’m really hoping for lots of progress this week since between all the gift giving and family dinners and best of all days off from work, I want to spend as much time on projects as I can. But let’s catch up on where we’re at first.

So I made some progress on the door, but not quite as much as I had hoped. Here’s a shot of where I left it.

I made some pretty good progress early on. I got the moldings cut and the trim cut (probably a bit too quickly, see my mistakes later) and started getting the molding laid out. I discovered that Home Depot had a little surprise in store for me in the 4 pieces of molding I bought. They were completely different depths, despite being the exact same item #s / UPCs. I first thought I had accidentally pulled from two different sections, or maybe someone had mis-stocked them or a customer switched them up on accident, but no. They were the exact same, but it looked like maybe different suppliers of the same items? Fun times.

Not so much the same

Thankfully of the four pieces I bought and needed, 2 were one depth and 2 the other so that I could match one side and the other side and you would never know they were different. I was so thankful that I didn’t have to either try and make it work or go out and get more molding since this was the start of my day and I really wanted to make progress.

I already had the door jamb up and the door primed so I was hoping that I would be able to really move on the door and trim but I had a few set backs. These are the types of thing that I try so hard to avoid with planning and prep and yet it seems like they are nearly inevitable set backs that push projects out long past my overly optimistic timelines. This past weekend’s fun included (the facepalm after each should be implied):

  • Cutting the headers too short because I wrote down the interior measurement (ie didn’t add 7″ for the 1×4 on either side)
  • Forgetting to buy a bolt to attach the knob despite the fact that I made this same mistake with Shannon’s doors
  • Not realizing that the basement sheetrock was extra thick so the trim wouldn’t lay flat on the jamb, meaning another piece of trim is required.
  • Even after realizing the jamb wasn’t thick enough, thinking I could split the difference and caulk the gap. If I hadn’t done that I could have done flush trim on one side and added the extra piece on only one side. Now I need it on both

All of those were annoying enough but the coup de grace came once I had painted three coats of paint on either side, attached the molding, attached the new satin nickel hinges, the push plate and hung the door. What did I forget / neglect to take into account?

Push plate on door

I kind of forgot a way to pull the door close when leaving the pantry. You see somehow in my head I always envisioned the scenario as “I need to get into the pantry and my arms are full of these giant sacks of potatoes, wow sure am glad I can just swing this door open without having to use a handle”, and no I don’t know why it was always giant sacks of potatoes. Then I envisioned pushing the door shut once in the pantry, and opening it again with a nice glass knob to match the cabinet knobs. Somehow close the door after me… never occurred to me? I think I was imagining the two way swinging door in my grandmother’s house that separated the kitchen from the dining room, not really remember that’s a whole different hinge set.  Thankfully there is a fairly cheap add on that might save the day here. Namely this little guy from Lowes

Hinge Pin CloserOf course it has terrible reviews though, so we’ll see what happens. If I must, I can take off the push plate, fill the screw holes, sand it down, repaint and just do a knob. Or I guess I could do the pull handle on a plate thing… but that seems a bit odd.

But not everything went poorly. I am really happy with the applied molding look. I still love Gray 2121. And the replacement hinges came with optional extra long screws to really secure the door and jamb which I thought was a great idea. I know that some people do this by habit (replace one of the standard screws with a longer one) but I thought including it as an option, or having the standard size screws in the pack was a great idea. It definitely makes me more likely to buy Gatehouse hinge packs in the future.

Optional longer screw

And I like the dark door with the bright yellow lights.

Dark door. Bright lights.

I think the white trim is hopefully going to add some contrast to the barely gray walls. And originally I had thought to cover the pipe with some boards stained to match the beam, but now I’m thinking I might want white there instead.

I also have some projects for the kids that I was going to attempt for Christmas but since they are with me nearly every second I’m in the basement working and I totally ran out of time, I decided to scrap the surprise and let them help. So up on the docket besides the pantry project I’m going to be doing a kitchen renovation (of their play kitchen) and a practice workbench (for the kids before I build my real work bench for me). Shannon did a great dresser to play kitchen conversion but having 3 little ones banging on it has left it in rough shape: broken “oven” door, broken “faucet”, destroyed backsplash, lost curtain rod and just in general banged up.

Banged up kitchen

So I plan on slapping on some paint, adding new hinges, knobs, “faucet” and a different type of curtain attachment for the bottom. Hope it works.


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