The Bucket of Sadness

How did we get here? Well, let me tell ya.

The Bucket of Sadness

Back when I was hanging the beam I happened to need a measurement for something in the corner above. I went to balance myself on the counter and it was wet. That is never a good start in home improvement projects. A pantry should be dry. This one was not. It was not exactly rocket science to figure out the issue lies in the plumbing above the counters from the first floor bathroom. As I felt around and wiped some moisture off of the drain pipes I oddly found myself hoping it was from my 3 year old’s misadventures in potty training and not a leaking drain. I was really hoping I was wiping up pee I guess? Maybe I’m just so used to that by now it doesn’t phase me, but it still seems an odd thing to hope for.

All of that to say that I need to address the leaky pipe before I move on to the door.

I at least got a chance to hang the door on Saturday afternoon. It didn’t go well. Despite being a pre-hung door, I had all sorts of issues with level, plumb, clearance for the floor, twisting and my personal favorite half the jamb falling and splitting in the corner. Good times. But I got it up, popped off the door and called it a day.

I was determined to get the door primed at least this last weekend so after the kids were in bed I got out the primer and for some dumb reason a 4″ cabinet roller and a mini paint pan. After about 30 seconds of trying to use the paint roller on a 36″ door, I took another route. I dumped on primer and rolled with a normal wall roller. It was much faster and it all worked really well. I let one side dry while I painted primer on to the jamb with a brush and then came back to do the other side. I was adamant about not getting another paint try dirty (I’m not sure why) so I attempted my pour method again.

Artsy paint pour

This time it didn’t quite go so well, I was a little too generous with the pour. I ended up priming a bit of the basement walls that had gotten marked up and stained, particularly in the stair well so it all worked out fine in the end.

So the door, the molding and the jamb are all primed. I hope to get it constructed, painted and hung this weekend. Getting the threshold and trim done would be amazing, but I don’t know how realistic that is.


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