Gray. Just Gray.

I’m not gonna lie, there is a lot of gray in the pantry. This is where Shannon would want to add lots of color or think it was too boring. But the plan for the cabinets is Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray on the frame and doors. Here is the framed painted with the interior just primed. The countertop (just a hollow core door) is just there for a dry fit before they were both stained and finished.

The insides are painted Benjamin Moore Gray. Yup, just Gray. And here is where Shannon might have a point. I mean Gray… really? Were there no animals to add after that? No nouns at all? All preceding adjectives were taken? Is it weird that the lack of an interesting or inventive name for the paint makes me worry that the color is in fact boring? I would look for a more adventurously named gray, but seriously we love this color. We have used it in quite a few spots already (Shannon’s nightstand, a telephone table / end table in the living room, our chicken coop’s roof, etc.) and have more plans for it as well. And because it’s really annoying to find this color without an adjective or noun, the code is 2121-10 and you can see it online here. Here’s a shot of the insides painted.

The walls are also very light gray. In the basement we had something like 4 cans of really light gray paint from when we were painting the master bedroom. The bedroom was supposed to be a color match of an old Ralph Lauren color called Newsprint. I forget which blog I got this idea from (Estate of Things? Aubrey & Lindsay’s?) but someone had this on the walls and we loved it, and the way it contrasted with white trim. We sampled a few other grays or off whites, but the color match of Newsprint was it. Great, so we go to get Lowes to give us a gallon of it in Olympic eggshell. Well apparently translating the Valspar semi-gloss sample to a gallon of Olympic eggshell requires not only a Rosetta Stone but possibly a minor miracle. We went through 2 bad gallon misses and I think a quart or two as well before I finally asked if I could get them to key enter the formula that I gave them. In the end the bedroom looks great …

(This was more a photo for the uber cheap closet doors I made with hollow core doors + moulding, but you can kind of get a sense for the gray on the walls. **UPDATE** The next shot is a little better and shows the knobs.)

Better shot of doors with knobs… and the pantry got a nice left over gray tinted off white that wasn’t gray enough for the bedroom but looks nice on the walls of the pantry.

The doors for the counter tops were stained with Minwax English Chestnut. I had a choice of 4-5 left over stains from the floors and other wood projects and decided to pick something that was a little lighter to hopefully go with the floors. I used the stain conditioner and then coated with 3 coats of Minwax Polycrylic.

And here’s what they looked like once I added the doors and hardware.

The hardware is from Liberty and I ordered it online through D. Lawless, where I also got all the hinges and clasps for the rest of the cabinetry that hopefully is to come. It makes the pantry cabinet feel all fancy. I’ll tone that down later with some of the other things I’m adding to the room. I wouldn’t want the cabinets thinking too highly of themselves.

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