Pantry Paint Prep

The lower cabinets for the pantry came from my parents old kitchen. My parents designed and built there house over thirty years ago with help from friends. They scraped up just enough money to do the bare essentials and over time finished things off. I’m pretty sure they lived in the house with my oldest brother with no sheetrock on any of the walls and just plywood floors for quite some time. That said their kitchen cabinets consisted of maybe 4 large built-in cabinets and the rest were side of the road finds. When they were tearing out their kitchen to finally redo it after 30 some odd years we gladly took all their cast offs.

One of their antique finds we used in the kitchen to hang over the peninsula where we originally planned to do some shelving or a chalk board.

One of their cabinets became my rolling tool cabinet down in the basement. I just added some casters and called it a day. It’s not the best setup since I have to squat down really low to get anything out, but for now it works. I might get spiffy and add some rollout drawers to help me keep it organized and to access the tools, but it seems like a lot of effort for a tool cabinet right now.

The rest of the cabinets we put in the pantry and promptly piled all of our kitchen boxes, attic boxes, boxes that I’m 98% sure were created by intra-box nookie in the moving truck and other general stuff on to them. So the first step in starting this project was to clean out all of the stuff we had accumulated. The room started out looking a lot like this (and I just realized I don’t have a shot with the old white knobs on).

We pulled everything out, took a couple of things out of some boxes, threw out any junk we accidentally moved and shipped the rest off to Goodwill. If we hadn’t cared to dig through the boxes and find it in the last year, chances are we never would. Then we pulled off the doors, took off the old hardware and filled in the holes.

I sanded with a mix of my palm orbital sander and just good old plain hand sanding for the bead detail on the doors. Once that was all done, I wiped them all down with a microfiber cloth. And then it was time for my favorite primer Zinsser Bullseye to come cover up everything. The cabinet faces and doors were in pretty good shape, but the insides were really rough. A nice coat of white primer really helped.


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