Pantry Beginings

The pantry project is my current big house project. There are plenty of small ones kicking around here and there but this is the one that is taking the majority of my focus right now. This is what the pantry looked like when we moved in.

Main cabinets in the pantry before

It’s a small space only six and half feet deep by eleven and a half feet wide, hence the uber close photos. Let’s also pretend the small space accounts for the general low quality of all the photos from here on out, sound good? Great.

The starting point for the pantry was a freezer that my parents bought us for an awesome house warming gift, and my parent’s old kitchen cabinets which they were tearing out right as we were moving in. One of their antique cabinets from their old kitchen made it into our new kitchen, but the rest were kicked down to the basement. It also was a place where we stashed random things without a place like Van Gogh printed umbrellas and some randomly framed high school art work.

The pantry so far has been a fun adventure in solo design work. Normally Shannon and I work on designing and completing house projects together. We consult each other over every paint color, structural component or finish detail on most everything we do. But for this project I really wanted to just do something solo, so we made a deal. I am tackling the design and build of the pantry without consulting Shannon on decisions and she in turn is taking on the upstairs “nook” room at the top of the stairs. Side note, the nook is a hot mess right now, the wall color, the too small rug, the awkward Ikea light, the too short curtains … it needs help but we still don’t know what we want to to do with the room. Back to the pantry though: the sole ownership of decisions can be fun, but I’m also a bit nervous that Shannon’s not going to love the result since she wasn’t involved in the design. And if she doesn’t, I’m a bit nervous what kind of nook retribution I might face. Here’s a peak at where things are today… I’ll write up the list of steps taken and what’s next tomorrow hopefully.

Painted pantry cabinets with glass knobs


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